Grant IFMBE HTA Awards

  • Name: IFMBE HTA Awards
  • Duration: 24 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. The HTA Division will recognize individuals and organizations that contribute to the promotion and support of BME in HTA. The prices will be:
    2. 1) IFMBE HTAD Best Paper Award, given to BME and CE publishing outstanding HTA papers to journal or conferences.
    3. 2) IFMBE HTAD Policy Award, given to policy makers or other stakeholders that gave significant contribution to the recognition of BME in HTA.
    4. 3) IFMBE HTAD Award for Outstanding Contribution will be given to recognise outstanding contributions to promote or consolidate BME involvement in HTA.

IFMBE HTAD cooperation with other HTA-related Scientific Societies, Agencies and Institutions

  • Name: HTA Strategic Communication
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. Support the collaboration of IFMBE, and particularly of HTA Division, with other organizations, national and transnational societies, industry, government and non-governmental organizations engaged in HTA and other policy maker decisional processes affecting directly or indirectly health care and BME research and its applications
    2. Organize events (seminaries, workshops, round tables, special sessions) in non-IFMBE contexts, aiming to demonstrate the IFMBE contribution to HTA
    3. Support the participation of HTAD members to those events
    4. Appoint and support the two co-opted members (possibly past-president of HTA scientific societies) with the mandate to facilitate collaborations with other international scientific societies proactive in HTA and health technology management.

Support and promote IFMBE studies and guidelines on HTA of medical devices

  • Name: Study on early HTA¬†and for HTA of medical devices and development of the first IFMBE guidelines for Medical Device assessment.
  • Duration: 36 Months.
  • Outcomes:
    1. Organise a focus group aiming to study the peculiarities of Medical Devices (i.e. differences form drugs) that affects their assessment
    2. Develop methodological guidelines for the involvement of BMEs in early HTA and for HTA of medical devices.
    3. Disseminate those guidelines

HTA-related capacity building in the Low and Middle Income Countries

  • Name: HTA-related capacity building in the African region and Alignment of developing country-focus activities on HTA within IFMBE (and IUPESM).
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. Fostering HTA-related communication, information and capacity building in Africa in collaboration with WHO, the Southern African Health Technology Assessment Society (SAHTAS) and other organizations proactively involved in capacity building in low-income countries
    2. Scale this experience to other low-income countries
    3. Elicit specific needs low- and middle-income countries for health technology R&D, assessment and management.
    4. Align activities regarding the whole health technology life cycle from R&D (BME) through innovation to assessment (HTAD), implementation and utilisation/management (CED) with an additional focus on developing countries (WGDC).

Monitor BME involvement in HTA

  • Name: Survey to monitor BME involvement in HTA
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. Develop and administer surveys to understand (1) the current status of BMEs when it comes to HTA activities, (2) BMEs needs related to HTA activities, (3) where are HTA activities being conducted and by whom? This will help the HTAD build a network and understand stakeholder needs

Promote HTA in IFMBE Conferences

  • Name: Promote HTA in IFMBE Conferences
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. Organization of tracks, special sessions, workshop, round table, seminaries and other similar activities during the forthcoming IFMBE Conferences.