• Name: Website and E-Learning Platform
    • Duration: 8 Months
    • Outcomes:
      1. Create an entry point for general public, policy makers and clinical practitioners/researchers interested in HTA
      2. Develop a professional eLearning platform that can be used by BME in Academic, Manufacturer and Public (Hospitals, Ministries and Agencies) contexts.
      3. Develop a professional eLearning platform that can host eDictionary and eEncyclopaedia HTA contents and can be easily used from countries were the internet connection is slower or mainly mobile.
    • Benefit to Federation:
      1. Increase/maintaining IFMBE leadership and Division strength in these field (Goal 1)
      2. Maintain and reinforce the IFMBE leadership in creating and disseminating new BME knowledge, also in HTA (Goal 2)
      3. Maintain IFMBE international rule in promoting the development, recognition and awareness of the BME profession, also in HTA (Goal 3)

Team: Giuseppe Fico, Julie Polisena, Leandro Pecchia

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