• Name: Student/young researchers mobility & organization of writing sessions for future grants on collaborative actions on HTA
  • Duration: 24 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. Facilitate collaboration among HTAD members and with any other IFMBE affiliated society member by supporting short visits of young academics and students.
    2. Facilitate seeding of future projects, this project will support short visits of academics and post-grad students aiming to seed wider and potentially interesting future HTA-related projects of strategic interest for IFMBE and for the division.
    3. An Horizon2020 COST collaborative action on HTA of medical devices open to all members of national and transnational societies affiliated with the IFMBE, aiming to scale-up future IFMBE activities in HTA, by promoting the organization of congress, summer schools, guidelines and similar other initiatives on a world-wide scale.
  • Benefit to Federation:
    1. Maintain IFMBE international rule in promoting the development, recognition and awareness of the BME profession, particularly among non-BME experts of HTA (Goal 3)
    2. To enable IFMBE and the Division to achieve its goals effectively, optimize the organizational structure and communication and enhance its finances (Goal 6)

Team: Oriana Ciani, Patricia Trbovich

For information about the project write here

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