• Name: IFMBE HTA Awards
  • Duration: 24 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. The HTA Division will recognize individuals and organizations that contribute to the promotion and support of BME in HTA. The prices will be:
    2. 1) IFMBE HTAD Best Paper Award, given to BME and CE publishing outstanding HTA papers to journal or conferences.
    3. 2) IFMBE HTAD Policy Award, given to policy makers or other stakeholders that gave significant contribution to the recognition of BME in HTA.
    4. 3) IFMBE HTAD Award for Outstanding Contribution will be given to recognise outstanding contributions to promote or consolidate BME involvement in HTA.
  • Benefit to Federation:
    1. Maintain and reinforce the IFMBE leadership in creating and disseminating new BME knowledge, also in HTA (Goal 2)
    2. Maintain IFMBE international rule in promoting the development, recognition and awareness of the BME profession, particularly among non-BME experts of HTA (Goal 3)

Team: Dan Clark, Leandro Pecchia

For information about the project write here

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