• Name: HTA-related capacity building in the African region and Alignment of developing country-focus activities on HTA within IFMBE (and IUPESM).
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. Fostering HTA-related communication, information and capacity building in Africa in collaboration with WHO, the Southern African Health Technology Assessment Society (SAHTAS) and other organizations proactively involved in capacity building in low-income countries
    2. Scale this experience to other low-income countries
    3. Elicit specific needs low- and middle-income countries for health technology R&D, assessment and management.
    4. Align activities regarding the whole health technology life cycle from R&D (BME) through innovation to assessment (HTAD), implementation and utilisation/management (CED) with an additional focus on developing countries (WGDC).
  • Benefit to Federation:
    1. Increase/maintaining IFMBE leadership and Divisions strength in these field (Goal 1)
    2. Maintain and reinforce the IFMBE leadership in creating and disseminating new BME knowledge, also HTA related (Goal 2)
    3. Advance collaborations between IFMBE and national and transnational societies, industry, government and non-governmental organizations engaged in health care and in biomedical research and its applications (Goal 4)
    4. Maintaining/increasing IFMBE leadership in recommending policies and providing guidelines in appropriate professional, educational and ethical areas (goal 5)

Team: Mladen Poluta, Oriana Ciani, Leandro Pecchia

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