Develop HTA didactic contents specifically designed for BME, Clinical Engineers and Medical Physicists

  • Name: HTA didactic contents for Biomedical Engineers
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. Deliver didactic materials on HTA specifically designed for BME and CE
    2. Adapt those contents for the eLearning platform and for printing
    3. Create a repository of continuously updated HTA didactic material specifically designed for BME, which will cover:
    4. Basic material: introducing basic principles, methods and tools of HTA;
    5. Advanced material: advanced HTA methods, tools and relevant case studies;
    6. Professional material: HTA studies commissioned at micro- (hospital), meso- (Regional) or macro-level (National or supranational, i.e. WHO) will be collected and adapted for didactic purposes and to share best practices among BME.
    7. Material on HTA of medical devices in low- and middle-income contexts and will be prepared in collaboration with WHO.

Develop, maintain and promote a Website and E-Learning Platform

  • Name: Website and E-Learning Platform
  • Duration: 8 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. Create an entry point for general public, policy makers and clinical practitioners/researchers interested in HTA
    2. Develop a professional eLearning platform that can be used by BME in Academic, Manufacturer and Public (Hospitals, Ministries and Agencies) contexts.
    3. Develop a professional eLearning platform that can host eDictionary and eEncyclopaedia HTA contents and can be easily used from countries were the internet connection is slower or mainly mobile.

Organise the IFMBE Summer School on HTA

  • Name: IFMBE Summer School on HTA
  • Duration: 12 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. The second edition of the IFMBE Summer School on HTA will be organised.
    2. Additional contents on HTA will be generated to achieve the critical mass in order to organise similar event in other IFMBE Regions

Facilitate research mobility & organization meetings to write guidelines or collaborative grants on HTA

  • Name: Student/young researchers mobility & organization of writing sessions for future grants on collaborative actions on HTA
  • Duration: 24 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. Facilitate collaboration among HTAD members and with any other IFMBE affiliated society member by supporting short visits of young academics and students.
    2. Facilitate seeding of future projects, this project will support short visits of academics and post-grad students aiming to seed wider and potentially interesting future HTA-related projects of strategic interest for IFMBE and for the division.
    3. An Horizon2020 COST collaborative action on HTA of medical devices open to all members of national and transnational societies affiliated with the IFMBE, aiming to scale-up future IFMBE activities in HTA, by promoting the organization of congress, summer schools, guidelines and similar other initiatives on a world-wide scale.

Maintain and promote the Journal of Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Assessment – CEHTA

  • Name: Journal of Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Assessment – CEHTA [in collaboration with CED]
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. At the end of the three years this will be a well-established international open-access journal on Clinical Engineers and Health Technology Assessment
    2. If possible, we will apply for indexing in Scopus and ISI in 2018 (minimum two years of regular publications are needed)
    3. Once indexed, the best possible business model to generate revenue for the IFMBE will be considered
    4. The first issue will be published in the first months of 2016.