• Name: HTA didactic contents for Biomedical Engineers
    • Duration: 36 Months
    • Outcomes:
      1. Deliver didactic materials on HTA specifically designed for BME and CE
      2. Adapt those contents for the eLearning platform and for printing
      3. Create a repository of continuously updated HTA didactic material specifically designed for BME, which will cover:
      4. Basic material: introducing basic principles, methods and tools of HTA;
      5. Advanced material: advanced HTA methods, tools and relevant case studies;
      6. Professional material: HTA studies commissioned at micro- (hospital), meso- (Regional) or macro-level (National or supranational, i.e. WHO) will be collected and adapted for didactic purposes and to share best practices among BME.
      7. Material on HTA of medical devices in low- and middle-income contexts and will be prepared in collaboration with WHO.
    • Benefit to Federation:
      1. Maintain and reinforce the IFMBE leadership in creating and disseminating new BME knowledge, also in HTA (Goal 2)
      2. Maintain IFMBE international rule in promoting the development, recognition and awareness of the BME profession, particularly among non-BME experts of HTA (Goal 3)

Team: Leandro Pecchia, Marjan Hummel, Ivana

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