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Call for paper

Track on “Clinical Engineering” and “Health Technology Assessment”

(Deadline for paper submission 30th of November 2015)

“Clinical Engineering” and “Health Technology Assessment” are two fast growing fields of interest for Biomedical Engineers (BMEs), as the IFMBE widely recognises. Nonetheless, there is a lack of spaces for BMEs to publish their researches or projects results in those fields. This track aims to highlight the most recent advances in those two fields, welcoming contributions from BME working in academic, healthcare and manufacturing settings. To this end, submissions describing applications and/or innovative approaches, methods and tools in several areas are welcome including, but not limited to the following topics:

· Hospital engineering

· Medical equipment design, development, modelling, and applications

· Ethical issues related to Health Technology

· Medical devices regulation, standards and legislation

· Safety and vigilance

· Medical equipment management

· Clinical challenges to BME

· Clinical Engineering management within non- regular environments

· Clinical Engineering Education

· BME education in HTA

· Human Factor Engineering, Clinical Engineering and HTA

· Clinical engineering and Information Technology

· Cross-national comparisons on Health Technology policy using evidence-based approaches

· Impact of technology-driven initiatives on national health policies

· Appropriateness of healthcare technology

· Healthcare technology and innovation

· Availability of HTA/data information

· Indicators and benchmarks (measure/metrics) for adoption and diffusion of Health Technologies

· Risk Management and Disaster Preparedness on health environments

· Health Technology Management (HTM)

· Service delivery management

· General management

· Facilities management

· Testing, evaluation and modification

· Lean thinking

· Quality

· Early stage and/or premarket HTA

· HTA of medical devices

· HTA of eHealth and telemedicine

· HTA of ICT for healthcare

· HTA of innovative healthcare services

· Methods and tools for HTA

· Multi-criteria decision analysis for healthcare

· Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) in healthcare

· Models and frameworks to support decision- making in Health Technology investments

· Needs assessment for new healthcare technology

· Health impact assessment of new technology

· Disinvestments

· Procurement

· HTA transferability among regions/nations

If you think that none of the above topics describes properly your work, please feel free to propose integrations. We are sincerely aware that someone is designing the future right now, and we are more than happy if we can help by adding a new topic in this list, which we have not seen yet.

In collaboration with the Editors-in-Chief of the IFMBE International Journal of Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Assessment (, Prof Nicolas Pallikarakis (Greece) and Prof Saide Jorge Calil (Brazil), the best contributions will be invited to submit an extended versions of their papers to be considered for publications in a special issue to be published in late 2016.

The best papers will be considered for the Clinical Engineering Best Paper Award. A similar award is under discussion for HTA papers. If you are interested in organizing a special session, a workshop or a round table within this track please contact directly the Chairmen no later than the 6th of November. Please send a 1- page proposal with Title, a brief abstract, list of possible contributions/papers with respective authors/speakers.

Important dates

o Special sessions, round tables, workshops proposal 6th of November 2015

o Paper submission 30th of November 2015

Author instructions

Papers will have to be submitted via EasyAcademia, according to the instruction given on the MEDICON2016 web pages for all the papers (apart from the deadline). Each paper will be reviewed by two independent reviewers with wide experience and sensitivity to Clinical Engineering and HTA. Paper notification will be given on rolling base and no later than 15th of December.


Ernesto Iadanza
University of Florence
[email protected]

Leandro Pecchia
University of Warwick
[email protected]

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