Since 1981, the Italian National Group of Bioengineering (GNB) organises a yearly Summer School for PhD and Master’s students focused on one of the key aspects of biomedical engineering.

This year, this summer school is organised in collaboration with the IFMBE HTAD and is entitled “Bioengineering for Sustainable Development”. This will be held in Brixen (Italy) from 12th to 15th September 2022. Starting from the Goals and the specific targets indicated by the 2030 Agenda of United Nations, the school offers to students an alternative view to the problems and applications of biomedical engineering, based on a frugal approach and appropriate technologies as key to foster the accessibility to safe healthcare without borders.

These applications and innovative solutions are essential for low resources settings, such as rural, poor and remote areas, but also in case of natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics.

Lecturers, mentors, and keynote speakers, from all over the world, will provide their know-how and expertise to support the students in the design of open-source medical devices. Classes will focus on the analysis of clinical needs, the risk classification according to European Medical Device Regulation, and the identification of relevant standards to guide and support the design process. Cutting edge technologies, such as 3D printing, mobile technologies or artificial intelligence will be introduced through cases of study and practical activities. The school will follow a “hands-on” teaching approach in which students will collaboratively explore the salient steps for the development of safe, certifiable medical devices, thanks to the design framework offered by the UBORA platform.

Many IFMBE/HTAD members will be among the panelists and the organisers: Arti Ahluwalia (Collaborator member), Rossana Castaldo (Collaborator member), Carmelo De Maria (Collaborator member), Giuseppe Fico (Collaborator member), Ernesto Iadanza (Chair), Leandro Pecchia (Past chair), Davide Piaggio (Collaborator member),  Stefano Severi (Collaborator member), Adriana Velazquez Berumen (Collaborator member).

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