Outcome: Develop new methods to use real-world evidence in HTA. Data mining in social media can be an alternative source for new evidence on the adoption of new medical devices. Recent developments in data mining enable the use of this source of e viden.  applied toand tools specifically conceived for the HTA of medical devices, medical locations and eHealth. Support the preparation of guidelines on HTA considering BMEs and Clinical Engineering prospective (e.g. HTM). In future, IFMBE HTA reports on emerging technologies of strategic interest could be produced too.
Benefit: reinforce the community of BMEs with understanding how to apply insights derived from social media to enhance biomedical innovations.
Team: Julie Polisena, Alessio Luschi. other TBD. ?ls
Deliverables: Face to face expert meetings on new HTA methods and tools for BMEs and CEs, best practice guideline to be published in peer-reviewed journal.