Promoting the work of HTAD in the community of  BMEs/CEs, Hospital administrators and other stakeholders in healthcare.
Enforcing the presence of HTAD worldwide. All the HTAD activities and projects will benefit of this facility, both for spreading their results and for collecting valuable inputs.
The requested money will be used for paying communication professionals for:
Benefit: improve HTA knowledge among BMEs and promote IFMBE HTAD training events.
Team: Ernesto Iadanza, Dan Clark, Kallirroi Stavrianou.
Hosted and maintened HTAD website.  Web-based conference and communication systems. Routine Internet searches in specific areas to identify newsworthy items, conferences, invitations, new tech, competitions, books, etc. Promotion of the presence of HTAD online, mainly on professional social networks. Updated HTAD web pages with new material every week. Updated HATD twitter account with scheduled posts. Extra support as needed for conferences or events that are close to HTAD mission: registration, updates, photos, etc