Outcome: recognize individuals and organizations that contribute to the promotion and support of BME in HTA with three IFMBE HTAD prizes: /1) Best Paper Award, to BME and CE publishing outstanding HTA papers to journal or conferences./2) Policy Award, to policymakers or stakeholders giving significant contribution recognition to BME in HTA. /3) Outstanding Contribution Award to individual giving outstanding contributions to BME involvement in HTA.
Benefit: demonstrate HTA BME/CE merits and IFMBE proactive interest in HTA.
Team: HTAD Committee Award (Mario Medvedec, Chair; Nicolas Pallikarakis, Kallirroi Stavrianou, Ernesto Iadanza, Murillo Contó, Albert Poon)
Awards ceremonies (in IFMBE conferences) with certificates and plaques. Columns to be published on IFMBE News and HTAD web channels (site, Twitter, etc.)