In order to reach the objectives for the 2018-2021, the IFMBE has assigned specific resources that the HTAD is implementing through 12 projects that reflect our 3 years-based strategy. Each project is constituted by a specific team and will deliver outcomes that contributes to the HTAD mission and to the overall IFMBE goals.

Collaboration with international institutions

Outcome: reinforce ongoing cooperation with international institutions (e.g. European Parliament, Commission and Committees) to promote BME recognition, provide more space for BME in grant schemes and to support legislations regarding medical devices, medical...

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IFMBE HTA publications and promotion in conferences

Outcome: all the IFMBE HTAD publications (e.g., guidelines, white-papers, studies, report) will be shared via the IFMBE HTAD platforms. However, in order to prove their quality, those papers (or a shorter version containing key points) will be submitted for...

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Survey to monitor BME involvement/needs in HTA

Outcome: completed global survey to investigate national institutional capacity and BME human resources supporting HTA; differentiation of BMEs/CEs from lawyers and librarians/information specialists -WHO: "Legal, engineering and information science professionals";...

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IFMBE HTAD meetings for HTA studies fostering

Outcome: support the organization of meetings aiming to bring forward HTA studies and develop new methods and tools specifically conceived for the HTA of medical devices, medical locations and eHealth. Support the preparation of guidelines on HTA considering BMEs and...

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BME scholars’ mobility

Outcome: support individual scholars’ mobility, or short term scientific missions or writing sessions related to the IFMBE HTAD projects. The contribution will be given to awardees or hosting institutions (if they anticipate travel/accommodation costs). Proposals will...

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HTAD Strategic Communication

Outcome: Promoting the work of HTAD in the community of  BMEs/CEs, Hospital administrators and other stakeholders in healthcare.Enforcing the presence of HTAD worldwide. All the HTAD activities and projects will benefit of this facility, both for spreading their...

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HTA e-training for BMEs

Outcome: deliver didactic materials on HTA specifically designed for BMEs and CEs, in the form of headnotes (e.g., transcribing lectures delivered during the IFMBE HTAD summer schools) and eLearning contents (i.e., post-processing of lectures video-recorded during the...

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Outcome: recognize individuals and organizations that contribute to the promotion and support of BME in HTA with three IFMBE HTAD prizes: /1) Best Paper Award, to BME and CE publishing outstanding HTA papers to journal or conferences./2) Policy Award, to policymakers...

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IFMBE Summer School on HTA

Outcome: offer formal training on HTA to BMEs and generate HTA training contents for the IFMBE HTAD eLearning platform. Benefit: increase HTA culture among BME and share BME culture on HTA of medical devices among non-BME scholars.Team: Dan Clark, Kallirroi...

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