IFMBE is the leading global scientific society organization for engineering in medicine and biology, federating national and transnational societies of biomedical and clinical engineers (BMEs). The IFMBE HTA Division is the IFMBE Unit aiming to support BMEs interested in HTA.


The IFMBE HTAD mission is to work proactively in collaboration with other scientific societies and agencies, in order to increase the HTA culture among BMEs, while increasing and promoting the BME culture among other HTA actors and stakeholders.

Our mission is based on three main enabling values that give to BME a unique position to contribute to the world knowledge in HTA field:

  • BME unique know-how in the field of healthcare technology and particularly in medical devices research, development, assessment, acquisition and management
  • BME multidisciplinary training and role: differently from other involved in HTA, BMEs are trained to have a proactive role in all the life cycle of medical devices (research, development, assessment, acquisition and management).
  • BME multidisciplinary training and education: engineering, ICT, medicine, biology etc.

HTA is gaining importance in BME community as BME is gaining importance in HTA field. For instance, BME community is giving growing space to HTA in BME education, publications and profession. On the other side, BME contribution in HTA is fast growing.

Strategy 2018/2021

The HTAD strategy for 2018/2021 is articulate in 4 main action areas:

  • Training: aiming to develop specific training events, contents and containers on HTA written from BMEs to BMEs
  • Research: reinforce HTA research across BMEs
  • Publication: create new spaces to publish BME outcomes on HTA in conferences or journals.
  • Events: organize specific events to promote collaborations between IFMBE, other Scientific Societies interested in HTA, Policy Makers, and HTA stakeholders.


Across those main action areas, the HTAD has identified 12 priority projects:

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