• Name: WHO Internships [in collaboration with CED; HTAD; WG_DC; IFMBE OFFICERS]
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Outcomes:
    1. Reinforce collaboration between IFMBE and WHO on HTM & HTA, with specific focus on medical devices and HTA for emerging countries. Following the proposal and decisions of the last AC meeting in Taiwan.
    2. Provide the opportunity to young Biomedical Engineers from all over the World to benefit from a unique experience at the WHO Headquarters in Geneva under the guidance of Adrianna Velasquez.
    3. Support the IFMBE in providing the WHO the required HTA competences, knowledge and expertise that are present in the Division.
  • Benefit to Federation
    1. Maintain IFMBE international rule in promoting the development, recognition and awareness of the BME profession, with particular regard to HTA (Goal 3)
    2. Maintaining/increasing IFMBE leadership in providing guidelines in appropriate professional, educational and ethical areas (goal 5).

Team: Nicolas Pallikarakis, Oriana Ciani, Dan Clark

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