Outcome: completed global survey to investigate national institutional capacity and BME human resources supporting HTA; differentiation of BMEs/CEs from lawyers and librarians/information specialists -WHO: “Legal, engineering and information science professionals”; capture relevant information regarding BMEs’ activities in preparing HTA reports and in HTA decision-making processes; collection, analysis and presentation of survey results and success/failure stories in HTA; further cooperation and information exchange with WHO, NGOs and other relevant Institutions.
improved quality and reliability of HTA processes, reinforced community of BMEs in HTA.
Mario Medvedec, Dan Clark, Oriana Ciani, Julie Polisena and other interested HTAD members and/or collaborators
registry/database of BME practitioners working in HTA; BMEs’ education and employment status related to HTA ; BME-in-HTA success/failure story index; action plan/white paper for future  involvement and needs of BMEs in HTA